The Smartest Way to Learn & Study Remotely

Orbits is an easier, better and a smarter way for you to learn online - saving you time and reducing your stress so you can be more successful. Generate live transcriptions and automated notes from your remote lessons, connect and learn with peers you trust, and easily access the specific content you need when you need it.

Students, Win Cash for Your Remote Learning

We're giving away cash grants of $150 to help students cover remote learning expenses like their internet, laptops, or cell phone bills.

Why Students Love Orbits

Finally, an online learning platform that revolves around you, the student.

Let’s face it, all the platforms you currently use are not built for you – it is why they are so difficult and frustrating to use. Orbits is different; it is and will always be designed and built for the student first.

Your life as a student has been turned upside down, adding to the daily stresses of your life, which is why we want to make learning remotely easier, more productive and even fun for you. We have made it easier to access and study content, connect with friends and classmates, and you even have your personal learning assistant, “Orbot,” who is always there to help when needed.

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